Have you ever felt as if no one truly understands your life's journey? Many years ago, I was in this place. My life was very mediocre and I began to pray and ask God to deliver me. In the midst of this season, God began to speak to me about writing books. Years later, as I began to write these books, God dropped the idea of greeting cards into my heart. The purpose of the cards is to ENCOURAGE, UPLIFT and CELEBRATE milestones in people's lives. Many people who read the books would comment about the wonderful, impactful quotes and scriptures that greatly encouraged them. Many of these quotes and scriptures are my inspiration for these greeting cards. 

I can say conclusively that they will ENCOURAGE you, bringing hope, peace, comfort and joy to your hearts and the lives of others.  May you and them be forever changed as you engrave the words of these cards on your hearts.

Birthday Cards are currently available.  Other cards are coming soon!

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