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Have you ever needed to pray earnestly about a situation, but could not find the right words? How about being asked to pray for others and you struggled to even begin? There are some people who do not pray often because they don’t know what to say.

Even Jesus prayed while He was on earth. Discover how often He prayed. He is the Son of God, but He still faced difficult times. He, too, needed and sought comfort, strength, and answers for life’s challenges. For these reasons we must pray. 

Are you wearing ‘battle scars’ from persevering long and hard in prayer? My prayer is that you will find in-depth answers and instructions in the pages of this book. 

In these five thought-provoking chapters of ‘I MUST Pray’, there are answers for combating ‘prayerlessness’ and how to get the right results when you pray. If you desire to go from passive to powerful in your prayer life, then this book is a must read.

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