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Lord, Make Me Whole: Healing From the Inside Out

Lord, Make Me Whole: Healing From the Inside Out

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Lord Make Me Whole is an awe-inspiring narrative revealing the many healing powers of Jesus Christ. Joan Murray relays emotionally powerful stories sharing God’s love, and ways Jesus has miraculously healed people. Her writing style is poignant, and full of powerful transforming examples to encourage you to dig deep into your spirit to understand God’s nature.

Joan provides exceptional praise for God’s love as well as the miracles Jesus performed. She includes memorable and classical stories to illustrate the dynamic healing, God is able to achieve. Through these stories, your mind will be renewed and you will be motivated to serve God with a stronger focus. You will learn valuable lessons through Joan’s simple presentation of Biblical stories; understand how to apply themes in the Bible in your everyday life, and lastly, gain empowerment to overcome daily struggles.

With healing scriptures and lessons to live by, you will have some necessary tools to achieve spiritual peace, comfort, trust and knowledge, as Joan’s encouraging tone will inspire a stronger faith in God. Joan is a pastor who is passionate about helping people discover their destinies and has written several books that will aid in that discovery. She has also travelled extensively to minister to those in need and has founded Joan Murray Ministries and Seeds of Hope Worldwide Missions.
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