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You Can TRUST Him Workbook

You Can TRUST Him Workbook

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Do you have difficulty trusting some people?  How about God?  Can you really trust Him? Have you ever asked yourself why it is so hard to TRUST? There are many of us who struggle with trusting others. One of the reasons for this is that often, the people we trusted to watch over and care for us; failed us. Their abandonment left deep wounds and scars in our souls. As a result, some of us believe that just like these people, God cannot be trusted.

You Can Trust Him is an in-depth journey into inspirational, personal, and Biblical stories that will help you find trust truths in the midst of pain, difficulties, or hardships. You will discover that God is with you, and you can trust Him in the storms. In the pages of this book, you will find answers to help you navigate through the painful seasons of life. Using these powerful stories, Joan reveals deep truths about God’s love, compassion, and care for each of His children.

Through these inspirational, personal, and Biblical stories, Joan takes you deep into the lives of many people who were unsure they could survive their painful struggles. They learned to trust God, and were victorious. You will be too. These stories will inspire and encourage you as you make the decision to trust God completely, because He can be TRUSTED.

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